Saturday, 20 June 2015

Ringtone 1974

I thought this might make a good intro to an album; then thought it'd make a good mobile ringtone...
... and it does! but you may have to turn your ringer up a bit.

I hope you like it and use it. It's free. Tell your friends!


Saturday, 23 November 2013

more tapes

The first run of tapes of Good Morning sold out the day of release; there are now 10 more available. As before to order / check availability email landequivalents(at)gmail(dot)(com)

'Jim Musgrave's inventive skin pounding on Belbury Poly's last LP "The Belbury Tales" doesn't exactly suggest that there's a "Toad" lurking within and biding it's time. Further investigation also reveals an extensive back catalogue of synth-laden prog / library / psychedelic treasures to Musgrave's credit, so with fears partly abated I dive in and am pretty much immediately hit by the unexpected, in the form of a ridiculously funky, cratedigger's dream of a drum break, coupled with some lush, clean chorus laden guitars plucked seemingly straight from some unknown early nineties showgaze also-ran. So much for judging a book by it's cover.
Over the course of these four tracks Musgrave delves into all sorts of territory, with an emphasis on synths of the most deliciously vintage variety, with unceasingly inventive backing - all provided by Jim himself.
This sort of stuff certainly has the potential to collapse under the weight of it's own earnestness if not done well, but there's a playful sense of good humour at play here that's impossible to resist (particularly on "Burton's Nap"), and that epic final track turns out to be a bit of a gem, with a lovely, early eighties BBC Radiophonic melody line dripping with melancholy, with not a second wasted.
Due for discovery, this chap.'
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Saturday, 2 November 2013

New work in progress and maybe a tape

I've been posting some new music on my soundcloud page, a piece featuring piano and harpsichord:

and a library style piece, set in the 1980's:

The library one will have some more work done on it - I have the makings of a 'Part 2'..... it's all getting a bit progressive.

I've designed and made a couple of tapes of the Good Morning EP and I'm just trying to see if there is any interest;  if anyone would like one then get in touch. But, if you live outside of the UK and Europe then the postage will be quite expensive.

I have made these myself, the inlay is printed onto glossy paper (I must say that the effect is very nice indeed), and the music is repeated on side B. I'll add some extra tracks which I will make available as a free download so anyone who originally bought the EP doesn't feel ripped off. The tape will come with a download.
So, if anyone is interested and wants to know prices and check availability then please get in touch.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

'Good Morning' EP

Here's some tracks from the new Land Equivalents EP, 'Good Morning'. It features four tracks, with I would say a happy and introspective mood. And it is dare I say fun in places. The download will be available on Bandcamp in the next few months.

Good Morning

Gold Mind

Friday, 1 March 2013

Generation - poem

Grit in the air, a ball of static
that plays on the nerves.
Here it comes now, a smeared figure of eight,
it pours into colour, splitting

the horizon

The gloaming 4 p.m. presents itself
no power, yet an impending faraway power,
here, a dumb influence
which decrys these sensible words

that there are theories wytch talk about the size of the sky
see it the pupil, wytch bleeds to twice its size
such are the stellar, and cellular, subdivisions.

The thing that became fact
the iron word once strange and unreachable
now reproduced,
picking over the old bones of more dignified utterances.

The static net forms, a fishpond mirrors
depleted ruins.
The living gene packets of memory.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Free download, new material preview

Going through some old tapes recently, I found this dub version of ' spare the defeated' I'd completely forgotten about. Download for free here

Also you can hear it in the context of this show

And finally, here is a preview of some new material. I haven't got a definite release date for anything yet though.